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Comprehensive Consultancy for Investment

The advantage that Eurotrust Power Consulting Services has is a number of professionals who are very familiar with the business and tax laws in each of our represented countries, and they are experienced in providing excellent services for many foreign companies and individuals who are investing in Europe.



Our goal is to protect and accompany our clients in all their endeavors,  and to ensure that all their business affairs are smooth and successful. For us, communication and comprehension always precede legal consultation and plan implementation. With our extensive range of services, as well as experience and deep knowledge of the business world, we can ensure that we will fully understand the needs of our clients, and because of this, successfully find an effective solution to each of our clients’ problems. 



Our firm has a dynamic and professional team of lawyers and legal consultants who work hard and pursue perfection in their work. Our team is known and appreciated for their integrity, reliability, prudence, as well as their skills and experience, and have become the preferred professional team of our clients and worldwide partners.



With our professional experience and correct attitude towards business, in combination with our commitment to upholding professional ethics, we can assure our clients of our high work efficiency. We keep in close contact and devote our time to each and every one of our clients, at all times, and treat our clients with equal level of importance.


Our Language

Our team is fluent in English, Portuguese, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, and Turkish. We can provide consultation and conduct all meetings fluently in different languages, as well as provide professional translation services for companies and individuals from other countries.

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